Roadmap to Menulibre 2.1

Development progress can be tracked on Launchpad

* Try to make menulibre a gtkplug so it doesn't pop out of xfce4-settings-manager
* Separate components into individual files for better mainteance (In Progress)
* Add right-click context menus for launchers ([[|LP: #1360936]])
* Allow copying/duplicating launchers ([[|LP: #1315965]])
* Add a "run/try this launcher now" button ([[|LP: #1315875]])
* Allow creating subdirectories for directories in preinstalled system path ([[|LP: #1315872]])
* Ability to alphabetically sort menu directory contents ([[|LP: #1315536]])
* Reflect the real menu in the menu structure ([[|LP: #1310261]])
* Enable the user to edit all aspects of the "raw" file more easily ([[|LP: #1310100]])
* Handle Type=Link ([[|LP: #1199973]])
* Detect launchers in Plank, update file paths so icon and name updates are reflected.