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Road to 2.0.0

  • Drop GTK2
  • Separate form and function (GUI code to one file, functional code to another)
  • Consider adding support for changing the keyboard-layout (even without using indicator-keyboard,
  • Add support for Orca (seemingly supported in unity-greeter)
  • Make the stuff that are currently menuitems in the panel (language, session, system, a11y) buttons, so that hover-styles are supported
    • Better yet: find out why in a normal panel, hovering indicators shows the hover-effect
  • Consider implementing using GtkOverlays… Single overlay with the wallpaper as the base, panel and window above. (and drop the draw callbacks)
  • Conditionally use the listview widget over the combobox if there are more than X users.
    • Or implement something new that is combobox-esque. Maybe with GtkMenuButton or GtkPopovers
  • Add a way to add drop-shadows to the windows
  • Consider adding the window-frame style-class to the login-window, so it looks like a normal gtk-window (can still be overridden by theming the widget by name)
  • Support alternative layouts? [hostname][expander][clock][expander][indicators]