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-**MenuLibre ​Documentation**,​ currently under construction.+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +====== ​MenuLibre ​======
-For any immediate questions, please see the [[https://​answers.launchpad.net/menulibre|MenuLibre Answers page]] on Launchpad.+<​note>​The manual is written for the latest stable release of MenuLibreAt this moment this means the manual applies to MenuLibre 2.0</note>
-Found a bug, please report it at the [[https://​bugs.launchpad.net/​menulibre|MenuLibre ​Bugs page]] on Launchpad.+ 
 +===== Introduction ===== 
 +[[menulibre_introduction|Introduction to MenuLibre]]\\ 
 +What makes MenuLibre special. 
 +Basic handling of the application. 
 +===== Reporting Bugs ===== 
 +Where and how to report bugs. 
 +===== Extras ===== 
 +Frequently Asked Questions