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Welcome to the Xubuntu Project Docs & Staging Wiki

Here you'll find both stable and development documentation for various projects used in Xubuntu.
If you'd like to contribute to the documentation, please join us on #xubuntu-devel on Freenode.


Mugshot Docs
Lightweight user configuration utility

MenuLibre Docs
Advanced menu editor


Parole Media Player (Upstream)
Media player for the Xfce desktop

Xfce Desktop (Upstream)
Sets the background color or image with optional application menu or icons for minimized applications or launchers, devices and folders

Xfce4 Power Manager (Upstream)
Manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that can be controlled to reduce their power consumption.

Xfce4 Settings (Upstream)
The settings daemon and the settings dialogs. This includes the accessibility, appearance, display, keyboard and mouse settings.

Thunar (Upstream)
The fast and easy to use file manager for the Xfce Desktop.


Development roadmaps for Xfce and Xubuntu