The Thunar Media Tags Plugin (thunar-media-tags-plugin) adds special features for media files to the Thunar File Manager.

Currently, these are:

  • A bulk renamer option, which allows users to rename multiple audio files at once, based on their tags (e.g. ID3 or OGG/Vorbis),
  • An audio tag editor which is reachable from the file properties page,
  • A special media file page for the file properties dialog, which displays detailed information about quality, length, etc.


The renamer, which you can see in the screenshot below, is reachable through the Rename… option of the context menu after selecting more than one file and right-clicking on the selection. By selecting Audio Tags from the picklist, you are offered several pre-defined Format: options for renaming, or you can select Custom from the picklist. If Custom is selected, clicking on the Information icon to the right of the Custom format: field will display a list valid parameters. The screenshot shows how a custom selection displays a preview of your proposed changes under the New Name column.

Rename Audio Files

The tag editor can be found under the Audio tab of the file properties dialog.

File Properties Audio Tab

Clicking on the Properties button in the dialog shown above will display additional audio properties of the selected file.

File Properties - Audio Tab -> Properties


Do we even want to include this information?

Version 0.1

Subversion / Git



  • Thunar (0.2.3svn-r20526 or above)
  • Thunar-VFS (0.2.3svn-r20526 or above), which is either part of your Thunar installation or has to be installed separately (e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu you will need libthunar-vfs-1-dev, on RedHat systems the package should be named thunar-vfs-1-devel or something similar).
  • Thunarx (0.2.3svn-r20526 or above), for which the same rules as for Thunar-VFS apply (just that the package is named libthunarx-1-dev or thunarx-1-devel).
  • C bindings of TagLib (1.4 or above)

Building and Installing

If you downloaded a source tarball from the download page, you can run

./configure --prefix=$(pkg-config --variable prefix thunarx-1)

in order to configure the plugin. If you fetched the source from SVN, you have to use this command:

./ --prefix=$(pkg-config --variable prefix thunarx-1)

After that you should be able to build and install the plugin, using the following commands (remember you have to be root for that!):

make && make install

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported to the Xfce bug tracking system (product Thunar Plugins, component thunar-media-tags-plugin).