Preferences (Xfce 4.12)


Background Tab

The Background tab in Xfce 4.12 looks quite different from previous versions. However, most of the same functionality is there, along with a few new features.

To display an image or multiple images, choose one of the options other than “None” from the Style: picklist. The location of the images to be displayed is controlled by the Folder: option.

Apply to all workspaces is a new feature that allows you to choose whether to make all workspaces the same or customize them individually.

More information on how to use all of these settings can be found in the Usage section.


Icons Tab

There is one new option in the Icons tab, Show icon tooltips:, and it is hightlighted in the image above. When this option is enabled, tooltips will appear when hovering over icons on the desktop with the mouse. The size of the tooltips can also be controlled by choosing a size in pixels from the Size: picklist.